/r/chadfish is back

Chadfish is back
Reborn /r/chadfish. The community is back along with all of its threads and posts. Now we have moved out from Reddit and host the community on our own website.
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Jan 9, 2021
This forum is a replacement for the banned /r/chadfish subreddit. We are hosted outside Reddit, meaning we won't get removed, we are not controlled by anyone except us, and we make the rules.

Furthermore, I have recovered all posts and comments from the old subreddit, and have converted them into threads and posts on this website. Everything posted in /r/chadfish is now retrieved and can be discussed on this forum.

Lastly, each thread and post has automatically generated an account for its Reddit author on this website. If your account is here, you can private message me and I will send you the login details to the account. (I'll need some verification)

If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this thread and I'll respond as soon as possible. I hope you all enjoy your stay here.