My honest experience chadfishing

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Jan 9, 2021
"Low rent and trashy." Face is what matters bro, no women would care if a chad is low rent or trashy but I agree I might need to upgrade.
Not true at all. Everything women say about what they want in a man is true. But only when it's chad.


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Jan 9, 2021
Ok this is funny. Those girls are still sluts, they just want commitment because they know their looks will fade and soon no chad will want them. I can't tell you the amount of girls who I've fucked who said they didn't want to or "aren't that type of girl". The biggest thing I discovered through tinder is when a girl says she doesn't want dick pics is that she is lying. It's always the same. I get her number and we talk for 1-2 days about mundane shit, I turn the conversation toward sex and she plays coy. I ask if she wants to see my dick and she says "No". Flat out. I won't be fooled by this so I regularly insist. They say, "Fine, whatever..." I drop a pic, and then wouldn't you know it, she's wet. "I can see why you want to show off" Boom. She's forgotten she's trying to trick me into a relationship. Now it's her turn to send me something. They always do. Usually something small like a nipple or a nude mirror selfie. They want to see more, I don't even have to try anymore. I one up the dick pic with a video of me cumming. Now we're full on sexting. Then she says she wants me inside of her ASAP. I shit you not. All it takes is a little rapport to break through the "don't want to be seem as a slut" barrier but it always comes down because they totally are. That's why in the age of smart phones, where sex education is a google search away (white knights used to be able to blame abstinence only sex-ed in public schools), there's so many single moms. Women are just kinda naive and slutty. But you wouldn't know this from chadfishing because you're not the guy in the pics