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    Simon Cowell's weight loss has revealed his true age (60)

    A bit of weight looks good on most men.
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    The youngest sister from Fresh Prince

    Okay, u/MrBeanFlicker.
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    Katie Hopkins at 45

    Very logical.
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    Whatever it takes to fake it a couple more years: Sales of hair-dye kits jump as stuck-at-home workers cut off from salons

    Possibly they could try... having their real hair color? Imagine that!
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    Natalie Portman before and after The Wall

    Then why are you here?
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    Is it?

    Using incels automatically makes your argument valid, guys!
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    Is it?

    I'm young so that doesn't really apply to me, but alright.
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    ClaraBabyLegs approaching the wall at the speed of light!!!

    Get back to r/badwomensanatomy with your braying.
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    Hole in denial of the wall

  10. L


    these women are 50+