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  1. L

    All I want for Christmas, is foooodddd!

    Mariah "too heavy to" Carey
  2. L

    Lana del rey

    How are they victims? It's a classic quid pro quo. All these women had to do was pursue their career honestly. instead they took a short cut, got rich and famous from it, and then when the could no longer cash in, they cried about it to extend their time in the sun.
  3. L

    Lana del rey

    As a celebrity, she looks like shit. As a neighbor however...
  4. L

    A party girl I knew back in high school, she is barely in her 20's now.

    Yeah, it's because we eat too much and sit on our fat asses all day.
  5. L

    This audio on TikTok is full of women showing their photos of before and after hitting the wall.

    Damn, you must have kool aid manned through your wall, oh yeah!
  6. L

    Lena Dunham is cultivating mass

    I didn't know she had a hysterectomy. I'm finally a fan of something she's done.
  7. L

    Mindy Kaling from the office.

    She went for Cruella Deville and got Cadillac Deville instead.
  8. L

    Nicole Eggert, Charles in Charge and Baywatch

    Now the only time she's on baywatch, its because they haven't rolled her back in yet.
  9. L

    Kelly Clarkson - 2005 v 2020 -

    Who's Kelly Clarkson, this is High Pitch.
  10. L

    Jessica Simpson 24 vs 37. Seems she ATE the wall.

    Dont care, might have sex -simps
  11. L

    Natasha Henstridge's back side

    That's a pretty meh ass to begin with.
  12. L

    Asia Carrera. I think she ate the wall?

    That's a man, baby!