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Chadfish is back
Reborn /r/chadfish. The community is back along with all of its threads and posts. Now we have moved out from Reddit and host the community on our own website.
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    My honest experience chadfishing

    Ok this is funny. Those girls are still sluts, they just want commitment because they know their looks will fade and soon no chad will want them. I can't tell you the amount of girls who I've fucked who said they didn't want to or "aren't that type of girl". The biggest thing I discovered...
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    Why Does It Matter Who's a Mod When Chadfishing?

    I just discovered this sub today and it doesn't look the female mods are censoring the sub or deleting posts so all the women haters need to shit up because they sound like exactly like the anti-trump fear mongerers and not at all based
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    Request Chad who agrees with blackpill ideology and refers to women as "femoids"

    I'm Chadlite and I'm totally blackpilled as are the majority of my friend group, females included. I don't refer to women as femoids but I do habitually call them females due to military brainwashing