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Chadfish is back
Reborn /r/chadfish. The community is back along with all of its threads and posts. Now we have moved out from Reddit and host the community on our own website.
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  1. Leaving this cucked sub

    Been here since there was only 1k members and there's actually a FOID as mod jfl what a joke. There are PLENTY of actual subhuman blackpilled chadfishcels who could have filled those positions yet some cuck had to choose a hole. I made a post predicting this sub would be destroyed by cucks from...
  2. Bypassing selfie verification filters?

    I'm currently fishing for foids on a site called hot or not and it wants me to verify my chadfish by doing some gay ass pose with my hands while taking a selfie. Anyway around that?
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    Experiment Catfished 2 girls into my restaurant Dish Pit.

    Risky yet extremely based power play move. Inviting foids to your place of work.
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    Experiment idea: Chadfish using your own personal details, likes, interests, etc.

    This is how I cope now. I make a chad account with all my interests and shit and get to communicate with foids without them treating me like subhuman. It's a little bit of lifefuel. I wouldn't really call it chadfishing though.
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    Experiment One more

    Literally too based to exist in this universe with the current known laws of physics
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    Experiment Roastie mad she fell for Chadfish

    Potently based and dashingly blackpilled.
  7. How much longer till reddit bans/quarantines this sub or it gets raided by cucks?

    Betting at least a week. Exposing foids lust for dick is an illegal act on this site.