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Chadfish is back
Reborn /r/chadfish. The community is back along with all of its threads and posts. Now we have moved out from Reddit and host the community on our own website.
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    Has anyone experimented with reply times?

    It honestly makes me sick to my stomach to realize women are like this.
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    Has anyone experimented with reply times?

    It would be interesting to quantify it.
  3. Has anyone experimented with reply times?

    For example, using the same texting messages and techniques but using different pictures. Use a beta for one profile and a chad for the other. Id be willing to bet your average reply time would be much shorter for chad. I’ve noticed from my experience ill send 2-3 messages to a girl on tinder...
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    Experiment Be N-Nice to them. Meanwhile noodlewhores to white guys

    This is getting unbelievable now
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    Experiment Q:“Will that be a problem for us?” A: “Hahahahaha no”

    There’s no way in hell that girl is going a lot with that...
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    They're coming for this sub

    It makes me physically shake to think about how true the black pill theory really is. The proof is in this sub. It’s also mildly refreshing though to confirm what I have always believed to be true about females.
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    They're coming for this sub

    Well if the truth is scary... hell yes this sub is scary
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    Experiment [THERMOBARIC BLACKPILL] - Hole is just fine with Alt-Right Chad who sends people to a torture camp

    Absolutely mind-blowing. I never would have guessed it to have been this bad.
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    Request Chad with scat fetish

    Please someone do this haha
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    Experiment Chadpreet Fishing - Part 3: Took less than 100 words to get nudes. JFL

    Pathetic. Surely they know this is a fake profile
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    Experiment White chad == GOD!!

    It’s so sad that it depends on looks if you’re creepy or not.
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    Experiment White chad == GOD!!

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    Experiment Chad gets a hole to agree with White Nationalism and Nazi propaganda. “I like your conspiracies!”

    I would say that much more than half decide to vote with their husbands if their husband is a chad. If he is a chad, it’s probably close to 100%